Bible Club: Family Values

Spring and Summer, 2018

The Bible Club is starting up later this month and will meet once each month at our house here in Missoula (Gail and Michael Peterson) or at our Cabin on Rock Creek.  We will host each meeting and provide snacks and adult beverages. Children are welcome – they can participate and/or they play (there’s lots to do). If a child chooses to participate, s/he will be treated like an adult and, as you might imagine, might get boring pretty quickly.

This season our study will be directed to understanding what the Bible has to teach us about family values.

Here’s how the Bible Club works – the study is theme based. This season (Spring, Summer, Fall) the theme is family values. Below, for example, are some questions and readings that fall into the family value theme:


  1. Why are children not commanded to love their parents? Why are parents not commanded to love their children? Surely those are “family values” – why aren’t they in the Bible?
  2. Genesis 3:16 – how successful are marriages where the husband rules over his wife when she is in distress?
  3. Marriage covenants exist in virtually every culture in all corners of the world. What’s so special or unique about the Judeo-Christian marriage covenant?
  4. Genesis 1:27, 2:18-24 – what does “one flesh” really mean?
  5. Why are their no examples of happy marriages in the Bible? Or, related to this question, why do the Bible’s authors never, every depict a romantic relationship leading to marriage?
  6. Luke 14:26 – Must we hate our family in order to follow Jesus?
  7. What do the following verses have in common? Gen 29:31, 33; 37:4; @ Sam 13:15; Deut 19:11, Prov 19:7, Prov 13:24, and Isaiah 66:5
  8. What is the principle obligation of parents and to whom are parents so obligated?
    1. What are the father’s obligations?
    2. What are the mother’s obligations


  1. Focus on the Family: What the Bible Says About Family
  2. Quotes from Open Bible: Family Values
  3. From Old Testament scholar, Michael Coogan: The Bible Has Some Shocking ‘Family Values’