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Bible study is the process of reading biblical texts in order to understand its historical, cultural, and moral implications for the reader/student. All posts that deal with, or are, bible studies are included in this post.

Reading The Genesis Creation Stories

When I teach the Genesis creation stories, I always begin with the proposition that we ought to read these two narratives as symbolic, not literal. To be more specific, I draw a simile between the Genesis stories and George Orwell’s … Continue reading

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The Meaning of “The Kingdom of God”?

Dr. Mark D. Roberts, Senior Director and Scholar in Residence for Laity Lodge near San Antonio, Texas, has begun a series entitled “What is the Kingdom of God?” Here is his teaser: The kingdom of God has been equated with … Continue reading

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Genesis 3:5: Like God or Like gods?

In Genesis 3:5, God reveals one of the consequences of eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Here’s the NRS’s version: “for God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, … Continue reading

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Hope and the Rejection of Utopia

(Cross-posted from The Moral Christian) One of the puzzling questions raised by the story of Adam and Eve is why they would reject the worry-free existence of an immortal life in Utopia for a life of struggle that can only … Continue reading

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