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Theology is the study of the character and attributes of God. Posts and pages under this category deal, in part or in whole, theology.

John 8:31 – What It Means To Be Free

In John 8:31 Jesus advances His famous, if somewhat puzzling phrase, “if you are my disciples then truth will set you free”. Free from what? And how? … continue reading

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The Meaning of “The Kingdom of God”?

Dr. Mark D. Roberts, Senior Director and Scholar in Residence for Laity Lodge near San Antonio, Texas, has begun a series entitled “What is the Kingdom of God?” Here is his teaser: The kingdom of God has been equated with … Continue reading

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Matthew 25:40 – “the Least of These”

This month’s Christianity Today contains an article by Andy Horvath titled What You Probably Don’t Know about ‘The Least of These’ The article is of a kind whose content reveals confusion about the nature of faith. Here’s the money paragraph … Continue reading

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Does God Say Please

The May As It Is Written column is up. Titled “Does God Say Please“, it can be downloaded from here. Previous columns can be downloaded here. Enjoy

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