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The Bible and Male Homosexuality: It’s Not What You Think

My latest As It Is Written column is out titled, Male-Male Homosexuality. It may surprise you, but the interpretation and translation described and discussed in the column is not a surprise to biblical scholars both secular and religious. Give it … Continue reading

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Patterns of Evidence: Review

Did the Exodus really happen? The new documentary, Patterns of Evidence, presents findings that contradicts the prevailing scholarly opinion that the Exodus never occurred. Well, I saw the documentary and I recommend it unreservedly. Indeed, when it’s available, I intend to … Continue reading

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Biblical Creation Class Begins – Class Resources

The first class of the Bible Creation Course will be this Sunday, 11 January immediately following the first and second services. The Power Point slides I will be using are now available here. This first class is an overview of what … Continue reading

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Passing On the Faith

(A preliminary and abbreviated version of this post, Dec2013 – Passing on the Faith, will appear in the December newsletter of Sammamish Hills Lutheran Church) Exodus 20:12 reads Honor your father and your mother that your days may be prolonged on … Continue reading

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