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The Bible and Male Homosexuality: It’s Not What You Think

My latest As It Is Written column is out titled, Male-Male Homosexuality. It may surprise you, but the interpretation and translation described and discussed in the column is not a surprise to biblical scholars both secular and religious. Give it … Continue reading

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Homosexual Intercourse

The verses Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 are often understood as a general prohibition against male–male eroticism. A close examination of the underlying Hebrew, however, reveals that the text is more likely understood as a more narrow prohibition. In this study, … Continue reading

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God’s View of the Parent-Child Relationship

As it is written, the LORD commands us to honor our parents (Ex 20:12 and Deut 5:16) but also to fear them (Leviticus 19:3). As an aside, the Hebrew for the two words, honor (kabeid) and fear (yarah), are seldom … Continue reading

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Lechem Shamayim — Part II

So what did the Jews of the late 2nd temple period (the era in which Jesus lived and taught)understand the word lechem to mean? Because this is so important, I’ll write it twice – once here and again below: Lechem is … Continue reading

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