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The Aaronic Blessing

Numbers 6:22-27 יְבָרֶכְךָ יְהוָה וְיִשְׁמְרֶךָ יָאֵר יְהוָה פָּנָיו אֵלֶיךָ וִיחֻנֶּךָּ יִשָּׂא יְהוָה פָּנָיו אֵלֶיךָ וְיָשֵׂם לְךָ שָׁלוֹם May the LORD bless you and keep you; May the LORD make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you; … Continue reading

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Faith, Salvation, and Holiness

It turns out that obedience to God’s will is the thread that connects these three concepts together. Now, go and study    

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