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The Ninth Commandment

Exodus 20:16 is often advanced as a divine command against lying. Accordingly, the verse is often generalized (and taught in Sunday school) as “Thou shalt not lie”. On the other hand, I can find no English Bible that translates the verse this … Continue reading

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John 8:31 – The Truth that Liberates

In today’s Gospel reading, our pastor shaped his sermon around this famous verse, “if you are my disciples then truth will set you free“.  We learn later that the wording is [correctly] understood to be free from sin. But the problem … Continue reading

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Male Homosexuality and the Bible

The orthodox, Judeo-Christian view of male homosexuality, as characterized in the Bible, is that the practice is sinful. However, the Hebrew Bible’s prohibition is probably not as broadly defined as most of us think. The question addressed in this study is simply this: What is … Continue reading

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Corporal Punishment: A Biblical View

Speaking of parents and children, there’s a new lesson available for your reflection about the Bible’s view of corporal punishment. It turns out that, read in context those troubling verses dealing with “beating” your child are deeply nuanced. Here’s the concluding … Continue reading

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