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The Ninth Commandment

Exodus 20:16 is often advanced as a divine command against lying. Accordingly, the verse is often generalized (and taught in Sunday school) as “Thou shalt not lie”. On the other hand, I can find no English Bible that translates the verse this … Continue reading

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John 8:31 – The Truth that Liberates

In today’s Gospel reading, our pastor shaped his sermon around this famous verse, “if you are my disciples then truth will set you free“.  We learn later that the wording is [correctly] understood to be free from sin. But the problem … Continue reading

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The Hard Truth About Good Intentions – Part III

Hell is full of good intentions…” — St. Bernard of Clairvaux, 1091-1153 Here is the third and last of the texts to study. We examine two parables, Jesus’ parable of the Two Sons and a parable of my own, The … Continue reading

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The Ethics of Truth – II

Last week’s lesson focused on the prohibition against lying. The lesson was framed within the contradiction between Biblical revelation in Holy Scripture and the ethics of truth as understood by St. Augustine, John Henry Cardinal Newman, and Immanuel Kant. The former illustrate instances in which our … Continue reading

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