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A Moral Calculus for Torture

Brian Zahnd, the author of this article, “You Cannot Be Christian and Support Torture“, offers a¬†naive and surprisingly shallow view of the moral issues involved in deciding whether torture is ever justifiable, much less moral — beginning with the observation … Continue reading

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Louie Giglio not to give the Inaugural Benediction

Matthew Anderson has an interesting take on the reaction of Christians to the news that President Obamas’s inauguration committee disinvited Louie Giglio. You would do well to read the whole article, but what struck me was this paragraph toward the … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Kosher Deli

[Taken from¬†Bishop Lori’s Statement to the House Committee on Oversight regarding Religious Freedom] HHS has mandated that, with few exceptions, all employers must offer insurance coverage for birth control pills, devices, and abortifacients. So, with apologies to Jesus, the ancient … Continue reading

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