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Biblical translation is the art of rendering the original language(s) of the Bible into English. A good translation is one in which the original sense of the verse is accurately expressed in English while maintaining the most literal (word-to-word) mapping as possible. All posts and pages dealing in part or in whole with translation are included under this category.

Lost In Translation

My two latest column titled, “Lost in Translation I and Lost in Translation II” are now available. For previous articles you can look here. As you read these, think about what you’ve learned about the seventh day of creation as … Continue reading

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Biblical Creation Class Begins – Class Resources

The first class of the Bible Creation Course will be this Sunday, 11 January immediately following the first and second services. The Power Point slides I will be using are now available here. This first class is an overview of what … Continue reading

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The Bible is Fiction

Rabbi, Dr. Lawrence Hoffman writes, Properly speaking, fiction is a judgment we make about literature, not about truth.  “There are plenty of factually true statements in almost all works of fiction,” says Terry Eagleton (The Event of Literature), “but it … Continue reading

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Is Lust a Sin?

The story of David and Bathsheba is one of the most enduring and insightful stories of the Bible. Perhaps one of the reasons is its moral complexity — a complexity unappreciated in part because most of us misunderstand what the … Continue reading

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