Did the Ancient Jews Advocate Unquestioning [blind?] Obedience

A really fascinating paper has been published in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures titled

Keeping the Faithful: Persuasive Strategies in Psamls 4 and 62

In this paper, the author (Davida Charney, University of Texas, Austin) concludes that

In times of trouble, they passionately challenge God for tolerating injustice and allowing the innocent to suffer. Overall, the speakers [do not portray themselves] as promoting blind obedience, quietism, or complacency.

 It’s a bit technical, but even if you don’t grok all of the content, I hope you’ll come away with an appreciation for the nuanced truths of the Bible. In the same issue there is also an article about how breast milk might have been used as a kinship marker, much like (or instead of) blood.

Truly I tell you, the Bible is way cool…

Now, go and study

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