John MacArthur v N.T. Wright

It’s not clear to me that Pr. John MacArthur has read substantively any of the writings of N.T. Wright. If Pr. MacArthur has problems with Wright’s views on Justification and the New Perspective, I would very appreciate hearing why. As it stands, this video is content free. In effect, he argues that he’s correct and N.T. Wright is wrong and that’s the end of it. The man’s a dogmatist. His is a mind closed to truth((This is not to say that N.T. Wright is correct, either. But Wright, to his credit, is willing to listen and adapt to well advanced arguments.)).

This is the kind of stuff that turns people away from the Church. Especially people who are used to thinking critically about life 7 days each week and who are unwilling to check their brains at the Church door each Sunday morning.

So be it, but the New Perspective’s view of Justification is well supported and defended – so much so that, apart from the literalists like MacArthur, it’s virtually mainstream today.

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