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My previous post dealing with John MacArthur touched a nerve with me. This “New Perspective on Paul” topic is rather esoteric because, really, who wants to read theology when the rivers are clear, the weather is mild, and the Skwalas are out.

Well, book mark this page and, when time hangs heavy, take a few minutes and go through this. I think that, at the very least, you’ll come away from these videos with a view that perhaps Christian Theology and Dogma still offer lots of intellectual and spiritual wonder.

So, here you go. We have three superb overviews of the New Perspective on Paul from four established and well-respected scholars – and there are substantive differences between them, but they agree on the main idea called variegated nomism:

“God offers membership in His covenant freely and without obligation to anyone who believes and has faith in Him and His works (e.g., Jesus’ death and resurrection). However, once in the covenant you must exercise your belief through faithfulness (or, as McKnight and others call it, “allegiance”) in order to remain a member in good standing. If you die a member in good standing, you are offered salvation.”

. They’re pretty short – 10 minutes or less – and will be very much worth your time.

N.T. Wright and James Dunn

Michael Allen

Scot McKnight




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