God and Suffering


David Hart has something to say about God and suffering, especially suffering brought about by devastations of this kind. In this excerpt he recounts the horrors of man-made evil, not natural disasters as was experienced in the wake of the tsunami in the picture above. Nevertheless, suffering is suffering. His is a tough read, but give it a go…

“For all its power, however, Voltaire’s poem is a very feeble thing compared to the case for “rebellion” against “the will of God” in human suffering placed in the mouth of Ivan Karamazov by that fervently Christian novelist Dostoevsky; for, while the evils Ivan recounts to his brother Alexey are acts not of impersonal nature but of men, Dostoevsky’s treatment of innocent suffering possesses a profundity of which Voltaire was never even remotely capable. Famously, Dostoevsky supplied Ivan with true accounts of children tortured and murdered: Turks tearing babies from their mothers’ wombs, impaling infants on bayonets, firing pistols into their mouths; parents savagely flogging their children; a five-year- old-girl tortured by her mother and father, her mouth filled with excrement, locked at night in an outhouse, weeping her supplications to “dear kind God” in the darkness; an eight-year-old serf child torn to pieces by his master’s dogs for a small accidental transgression”. 

How do we deal with this stuff? Well, to begin read his entire essay —  Tsunami and Theodicy and then come to SHLC’s Theodicy class.

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  1. Cinthia says:

    Continuation of my comments, Let us denife what is theory in this case. The definition that we may apply for this is not the kind of definition as the theory of relativity, but a formulation assumed to be true but base on certain principles not completely verified,abstract reasoning or speculation and assumption or guess based on some evidence written in the scripture but need to be clarified according to the right way of interpreting it.let me explain how I assists that this theory is nonsense, because of the following truth of the matter. All of us we must consider that God hath made everything beautiful in his time Ecclesiastes 3:11. Genesis Chapter 1:2 is a description of what was created in verse 1 the whole entire universe and the following verses is the chronological order of creation from first day until the six days, and the word DAY in Hebrew word is Yom meaning 24 hours not ages. The supporting books and verses like Isaiah 14:12 to 17 cannot be because there is no nations that exist during that time and the other reference of Psalms 104:29&30 the context is all about the human being according to verse 23 of the same chapter and besides in verse five ( 5 ), it says that the foundation of the earth should not be removed for ever and ever.

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