Women in the Bible: What the Bible Really Says

Women in the Bible have long been thought, incorrectly, as playing a role subordinate to than of men. In this podcast, I argue that the biblical witness when rightly understood, reveals that the degree to which human cultures flourish depends directly on the extent to which it values women as something other than servants or companions to the man.

This post begins with a more accurate translation of Genesis 2:20 – perhaps the most frequently cited verse when issues of male-female relationships are in view. In the podcast below, I discuss the translation in largely non-technical terms. The podcast closes with examples from the biblical narratives illustrating the feminine ideal of the salvific roles played by women.

Genesis 2:20

And the man called out names to all the beasts, and to all the flying creatures of the sky, and to each living thing of the field. But for the man a savior was not found for him

Women and the Flourishing of Mankind (9 minutes)

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