As It Is Written

As It Is Written is the title of a column appearing monthly in the Sammamish Hills Lutheran Church’s Newletter. as-it-is-writtenIts objective is to present, each month, a view of the Holy Scriptures rooted in the cultural milieu of the Ancient Near East.  However, the content is written to be understandable to anybody seriously interested in a deeper engagement with the wisdom of God’s Holy Words as they are divined from the Bible’s original languages (Hebrew, Koine Greek, and some Aramaic). However, while biblical Hebrew and Greek are often the center of the teachings, no prior knowledge of these languages is necessary or even recommended.

Table of Contents (updated each month)

  1. February, 2014: Faith and Reason
  2. January, 2014: Is Lust a Sin?
  3. December, 2013: Passing on the Faith
  4. November, 2013: The Sabbath – II
  5. October, 2013: The Sabbath – I
  6. September, 2013: Thou Shall Have No Other Gods
  7. August, 2013: Introduction to the Ten Commandments
  8. July, 2013: The Bloods of Your Brother
  9. June, 2013: Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness
  10. May, 2013: Grace and Atonement
  11. April, 2013: What Did Paul Mean by “in Christ”?

The content is largely non-denominational and focuses on what the Bible’s divine authors really meant within their historical context. The advantage of this approach is that it recognizes that while God’s Holy Words were passed to a specific people at a specific place and time, they were written for everyone, everywhere.

Finally, the content of these articles do not necessarily [and should not be assumed to] reflect an endorsement by the Church, the SHLC congregation, its pastors or staff.

Finally, I wish to thank the SHLC congregation and staff for the opportunity to express these ideas. May they bring us closer to God and an understanding of the depth and majesty of His wisdom.

Now, go and study


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