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biblical-hebrew-bibleI have three other blogs. One that is closely related to this one is Learn Biblical Hebrew (LBH). The purpose of LBH is to  provide sufficient background to people unfamiliar with biblical Hebrew to develop a basic reading competence and the ability to use a number of on-line tools for translating the biblical text. In addition, though, I will often publish interpretations of Old Testament texts whose meaning is controversial and that depends upon a proper translation of the underlying Hebrew.

The LBH website takes a rather unique approach to learning to read the Bible. The strategy is patterned after the way children learn to associate sounds (phonemes, syllables, and words) with semantics (meanings). Letter recognition is only introduced once the student develops the ability to recognize and distinguish the sounds and rhythms of the target language – in this case, biblical Hebrew.

The site is far from done and probably won’t be really ready for about another year (it is now March, 2015). Still, the first two lessons and problem sets are in place and should give you a good idea of the approach.

faith-in-public-lifeAnother of my websites, The Moral Christian (TMC) is where I post my observations on politics and pop culture, but particularly those that call into view biblical ethics and Judeo-Christian moral values. It is a blatently political blog from a conservative viewpoint.



Our Cabin at Trouthaven

My fourth website, Trouthaven at Rock Creek (TRC) is about our life at our cabin on Rock Creek in Montana. No politics, no religion. Just fly-fishing, wild-life, and friends and family on Rock Creek.

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