Adam and Eve: Literal or Literary

biologosThe following links are to articles from the BioLogos foundation, an institution founded by Francis C. Collins, the former director of the NIH and, prior to that, the Human Genome project. Dr. Collins famously converted to Christianity, has authored several books about  his understanding of the intersection of faith and science.

The articles linked below constitute a survey of the current views of the biblical creation stories, with a particular emphasis on the second story, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Biologos foundation is very public about its support for theistic creation (see below), but does a very good job of representing the various interpretations.

From the “What We Believe” page of the Biologos Website:

We believe that the diversity and interrelation of all life on earth are best explained by the God-ordained process of evolution with common descent. Thus, evolution is not in opposition to God, but a means by which God providentially achieves his purposes. Therefore, we reject ideologies that claim that evolution is a purposeless process or that evolution replaces God.

Here, then, are the links

  1. Interpreting Adam
  2. Were Adam and Eve historical figures?
  3. Original Sin and Evolution
  4. Death in the Garden of Eden
  5. Other References



2 Responses to Adam and Eve: Literal or Literary

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  2. Any discussion about evolution and faith quickly polarizes when it comes to Adam and Eve. Do we understand the Bible s first couple as literal people or literary figures?

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