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The Church of US vs. Them

The author is surely correct and that the Church proper is riven with animosity. This is not surprising since its teachings, from salvation to morality, has become largely untethered to Holy Scripture. Is it any wonder there are so many … Continue reading

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The Walls of Jerusalem and The Stranger

Nehemiah, having been put in charge of Jerusalem, had been commanded by God to rebuild its wall. To Nehemiah and his people, the protection afforded by Jerusalem’s wall demonstrated God’s blessing upon His people. According to the narrative, God had led Nehemiah … Continue reading

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Why Was Adam Created?

Well, it’s that time, again. My class on the Genesis creation stories begins next month. Accordingly, I’ve been spending time reflecting on topics that students invariably find difficult to accept. One good example is Genesis 2:4b-9. Many of us, familiar … Continue reading

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The Day of Preparation – Where Did This Phrase Originate?

At the time of Jesus, there was no such Jewish term as “day of Preparation” in Jewish usage. Strangely, virtually the only time that term appears in any literature from that era, it is, for all practical purposes, only from … Continue reading

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