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Atonement is synonymous with punishment for wrong-doing. However, one can stand-in for a wrong-doer and take the punishment on him- or herself. All posts and pages that deal in part or in whole with atonement are included under this category

Forgiveness Requires Repentance

If this isn’t obvious to you, then you need to read this post. If it is obvious to you, you should marvel at the number of Christians, especially our Evangelical bretheren, who believe that repentance is not required for forgiveness. … Continue reading

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Sacrifice, Atonement, and Grace – A Deeper Understanding

In John 8:31 Jesus advances His famous, somewhat puzzling phrase, “if you are my disciples then truth will set you free“. Later in chapter 8, we learn that the truth of which Jesus speaks frees us from sin. The question naturally … Continue reading

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The LORD Works in Not So Mysterious Ways…

The situation in which I find myself this morning, reminds me of something that happened to me a few months ago: I claimed to some friends that I never used a certain word – even when angry. The next day … Continue reading

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Forgiveness as taught by Jesus — A Very Hard Teaching

Here are the main points covered in this teaching: If you repent and God forgives you, you still may be punished. If you know you’ve committed a sin against your neighbor and have not yet repented, don’t even consider entering … Continue reading

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