The Parable of the Kosher Deli

[Taken from Bishop Lori’s Statement to the House Committee on Oversight regarding Religious Freedom]

HHS has mandated that, with few exceptions, all employers must offer insurance coverage for birth control pills, devices, and abortifacients. So, with apologies to Jesus, the ancient sages, and Rabbis everywhere, I offer this teaching.

kosher-deliTo what can the HHS mandate be compared? When a hungry person walks into a kosher deli and demands a ham sandwich should his demand be honored, and if not should the deli be punished?

Then one of the disciples asked, “But Master, most Jews eat ham sandwiches on the sly, in spite of their faith. Thus, should not the deli be required to satisfy their craving? To which the Master answered, “Does the fact that we all sin make sin righteous? Are we to bow to sin because everyone does it?

Truly I tell you, such a man does not want a ham sandwich since such sandwiches are widely and inexpensively available elsewhere. Such people who would visit sanction upon the kosher deli do not understand the nature of religious faith and the liberty to practice the principles upon which it is based.

Here ends the lesson for today. Now, go and study.

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