The Bible is Fiction

Rabbi, Dr. Lawrence Hoffman writes,fiction-bible-2

Properly speaking, fiction is a judgment we make about literature, not about truth.  “There are plenty of factually true statements in almost all works of fiction,” says Terry Eagleton (The Event of Literature), “but it is how they function strategically or rhetorically that counts.” If I start by saying “Once upon a time,” I invite you into an exercise in fictionalizing, even if what I say next is altogether fact. “Once upon a time, there was a president named Nixon, and he was almost impeached.” All true! But nonetheless, you wonder, “What’s your point? What moral are you pointing to by making it a ‘once upon a time’ statement?”

fiction-bible-1Christians, especially fundamental ones, often take exception to assertions that the Bible is largely fiction. My response has always been to redirect these objections to a discussion on “how” to read the Bible. To this end, I often cite Prof. David Lose (rhymes with “chose”) from his book, “Making Sense of Scripture: Big Questions About the Book of Faith“. However, this article, The Bible Is Fiction, Rabbi Hoffman explains so well why it is important that it be so.

Please read his post if you’re serious about Bible Study.

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